Hot selling 30ml 50ml 100ml Clear round Empty Glass Perfume Glass Bottle

  • capacity : 30ml 50ml 100ml
  • color: clear
  • material: glass
  • MOQ: 500pcs
  • craft: screen printing/hot stamping /label stick
  • cap: metal /plastic
  • shape: round

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Product Introduction

This is a transparent thick clasp glass perfume spray bottle, mainly used to separate perfume ,tonerand other liquids. The glass material is exquisite, feel thick, not easy to pour, transparent and bright feeling, with a little cool.The perfume bottle consists of a high-grade clear body, an aluminum spray and a sealed cap.This perfume bottle holds 50 milliliters and is resistant to heat and cold.Nozzle disassembly can be reused.We provide printing, engraving, pickling and other services. If you need more details, please feel free to contact us.

k-1001  50ml (1)


k-1001  50ml (2)

High-grade perfume bottle,

thick glass bottle body

high-grade durable.

Application introduction

method of application

1.It is more convenient to fill the perfume by using the separate device

2.Small funnel filling can also be used.

k-1001  50ml (3)

Production Process

Carved glass production method 1. Sand blasting. Sandblasted carved glass is relatively common, and it has a wide range of uses. The carved glass can be sandblasted to create a pattern that has a hazy aesthetic. Sandblasted carved glass has a very comfortable surface, although it is not very smooth, but there is not easy to have water stains on the surface, so generally this kind of sandblasted carved glass is used as a bathroom partition. 2. Mold forming. Carved glass can also be directly made of mold in the factory. The production process of this kind of carved glass is relatively simple, and the carved glass pattern is relatively single, but the same price will be more affordable. 3. Wax coating. Wax coated carved glass does not mean that the surface of the carved glass is painted with wax into patterns, but before making carved glass, wax is first coated on the surface of the glass, the pattern is first carved on the wax, and then the glass is corroded with hydrofluoric acid, and then the wax on the glass is cleaned by heating with hot water, so that the patterns on the glass will come out. This has a high requirement on the production process.



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